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Artist / Comedienne Natalie Gray brings her unique life experience to The Gray Escape along with guests including Hollywood friends and celebrities, comedy folk, and unique and interesting people. The format ranges from casual freeform discussions to insightful Q&A's that unveil inspiring stories and explorations into the lives of those whose job it is to help us all escape. Visit, and to learn more about Natalie check out

Sep 25, 2015

Scottish actress Morag Siller takes us backstage at the Barbican where she stars with Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet, the fastest selling show in London theatre history! We learn what it’s like working with a giant star, what happens after shows, and how they learn all those lines! Also, the price of fame, the role of publicity, Natalie’s horrific celebrity encounter, and an inspirational tale not to be missed.

Sep 18, 2015

Want the inside scoop on a career in magic? Brilliant magician and comedian Dana Daniels takes us from The Magic Castle in Hollywood to stages around the world as we look inside the top hat and learn about everything magical including the man who broke the magician’s code, working with birds, and of course the rockstar of magic, David Copperfield, as well as comedy tales involving Gary Shandling, Alex Trebec and more. Open Sesame!

Sep 9, 2015


Fabiana Udenio starred in the original Austin Powers movie as the infamous Alotta Fagina opposite Mike Myers. She also rose to fame in the iconic teen movie Summer School and just about every sitcom you can think of. In this episode Fabiana details the difference between working on films versus sitcoms, the auditioning process, being directed by Carl Reiner, what makes a director legendary, all amidst the fun of friendship.

Sep 2, 2015

With a career spanning over 40 years, Leszek Burzynski has precious wisdom to share. Beginning with his time working on iconic comedy shows of the BBC, his story has a cast that includes people like Harold Pinter, Michael Palin, Martin Sheen, Mike Leigh and even a guest cameo by Elton John. Leszek details the plight of the independent filmmaker, the moments that make movies work and why directing actors is a nightmare.