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Comedian has Near Death Experience that changes everything. Comedy, entertainment, and the Holographic Universe. |
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About the Show!

Artist / Comedienne Natalie Gray brings her unique life experience to The Gray Escape along with guests including Hollywood friends and celebrities, comedy folk, and unique and interesting people. The format ranges from casual freeform discussions to insightful Q&A's that unveil inspiring stories and explorations into the lives of those whose job it is to help us all escape. Visit, and to learn more about Natalie check out

Aug 27, 2015

David Sobolov is fast becoming one of the top voiceover names in the industry with over 100 credits in films, animation and video games. We get the lowdown on how many pages of script are in video games, acting in Klingon, and just who steps in for JJ Abrams on the set of Star Trek! The Guardians of the Galaxy star discusses his emotional techniques, his studies with Sanford Meisner, and the pitfalls of fame for both child actors and their parents.

Aug 25, 2015

Viral YouTube star Amy Walker of 21 Accents fame reveals how your voice can stand in your way, how to change it, and how to be authentic in any accent. Amy shares how meditation helps her stay sane in showbiz. It’s Science meets Spirituality as the girls discover a common passion of quantum physics and explore the concept of the Holographic Universe, all presented through the magical morphing dialects of Amy Walker!

Aug 18, 2015

Kevin Sorbo speaks his mind as he gets real on acting, politics, the state of independent film and the real Donald Trump. The world knows Kevin as Hercules, at one point the most popular TV show on the planet, but what happened after he almost lost his life and then rebounded into Andromeda and over fifty movies!? Kevin clues us in on Method vs. Meisner and enlists Natalie’s help and they hatch a plan to save America!

Aug 13, 2015

America’s Got Talent sensation Melissa Villasenor shares how she really feels about her impressions and how she’s been hurt by comedy. We learn why Whitney Cummings is like her Mom, the impact of Tig Notaro and why Maria Bamford makes her cry. Melissa relives her SNL audition, how Kate McKinnon showed her the importance of attitude in Hollywood and what TJ Miller told her when she was afraid.

Aug 11, 2015

In ’94 Roger Corman made the first movie of the Fantastic Four. It was never released. Natalie embarks upon an epic journey of her own with star of that very film, working actress Rebecca Staab who shares her most embarrassing celebrity tales. The interview goes to unimaginable places involving the casting couch, revelations of Hollywood’s most thoughtful stars, who shops at Bed Bath & Beyond, and how to behave at Costco.

Aug 9, 2015

Wanna know if wrestling’s real? Spoiler alert! Comedian and wrestling aficionado Jonny Loquasto lets us in on the industry’s biggest secret. We also explore the transition from open micer to paid comic and the benefits of finding a niche as a comedian. Also on the agenda, Big Pharma, why The Rock was always the man and how Jonny plans to break records with LA’s biggest blood drive.

Aug 6, 2015

Comedy Central comedian and impressionist Jeff Burghart shares stories of cruise ships, being roommates with Pablo Francisco, meeting comedy greats like Jerry Lewis and Milton Berle, why comedy has left him with a broken heart, and a revelation of his encounter with dark forces! Natalie also delves into the beyond, revealing more on the very sci-fi, Wachowski-esque experience that happened to her in 2012.

Aug 1, 2015

You know the guy that had the hidden camera run-in with Shia LaBeouf? This is him! Actor, comedy writer and host of the viral series Screen Junkies, Hal Rudnick, joins Natalie as they explore political correctness and question whether Amy Schumer’s controversial joke was crossing the line. Hal also shoots from the hip about the movie Trainwreck, and gets to the bottom of an internet death hoax concerning Edward James Olmos.